Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mountain View Mennonite Church different from other Christian churches?
Every Mennonite church is different because it is made up of different people. The church is not a building, but the people who share the same faith in Jesus Christ. The main characteristics that distinguish the Mennonite denomination from other Christian denominations is a strong belief in nonviolence and peace. Many of those who attend our church were not raised in a Mennonite church. Some are attracted by the church’s emphasis on loving your enemies and working for peace within families, communities, and the world. Some are looking for a small church where the focus is on the teachings of Jesus, respectful worship, and being a part of a family of believers where everyone knows your name and prays for each other. Whatever has led you to visit our website, we welcome your questions and encourage you to visit our church next Sunday morning.

Do you dress differently than other people?
Well, it probably depends on who you compare us with, but we don’t have any special dress codes. You wouldn’t be able to identify someone from our church by the way they are dressed. Everyone is welcome to come to church dressed as they are most comfortable (but with modesty).

What is your Sunday morning service like?
Our Sunday morning service lasts for approximately 1 hour. We have a weekly bulletin that provides the order of worship for the service. We usually begin with singing hymns and reading scripture, and responsive reading  followed by the sermon and a closing hymn.